School Group Field Trips

Fitset Ninja is an approved vendor for various school divisions around the Edmonton area! Our school field trip experience is a great way to foster teamwork, collaboration and conquering obstacles in a fun and healthy way. Our course has routes that are scalable to all fitness levels so everyone can join in no matter their fitness level!


Age Groups: Open to grades 1-12. Min age is 5 years.

Duration: Ideal duration is 90 minutes, however are able to host school groups for up to 2 hours. We recommend having at least 60 minutes of course time.


Arrival - Students change, get on indoor shoes, fill up water bottles.

Warmup (10-20 min) - Our staff will lead a guided group warm-up and stretch.

Course orientation (10-15 min) - Our staff member will explain and demonstrate how to do the various obstacles safely as well as show students the various course routes that are setup within our space.

Open Gym (45-75 min) - Students can work on any of the obstacles in an open gym format to practice them, get a feel for the different routes, ask staff members questions about technique or just explore the various challenges and progressions each obstacle offers.

Race Time / Time Trials (15-30 min) - Students have the opportunity to do the course from start to finish and record their time. This part can be mandatory or optional based on class (type, age, etc) and teacher preference.

Staffing: A Fitset Ninja staff member will lead classes through the orientation and provide supervision, instruction and oversight during school field trips. All staff members have been trained on our equipment and are experts in maneuvering the various obstacles. We ensure to have at least 1 staff member on site with first aid training at all times. 

Group Sizes: We are able to host school groups from 15-155 max capacity, and staff the facility depending on the size of the group. The entire facility is closed to the public during school group booking times (Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm). Teachers and support staff are able and encouraged to participate as well.

Pricing: $17 per student.